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UK Fintech Recruitment Boom

Date Posted: 19 June, 2024

London is leading a notable increase in UK fintech recruitment this year, as start-ups aim for rapid growth following a rebound in investment. Fintech has become the leading category in UK financial services job openings for 2024, with a projected 37 per cent increase in vacancies compared to 2023.

London has seen a 61 per cent year-on-year rise in fintech job openings from January to April, with IT roles being the largest area of recruitment, constituting 41 per cent of vacancies. Notably, 67 per cent of these IT roles are based in London, the highest share in five years.

While there is a strong demand for technology roles, particularly in development and engineering, IT security recruitment has grown more slowly. Additionally, there has been an 87 per cent increase in risk and compliance openings in London, with nationwide growth expected to reach 43 per cent this year.

The recruitment surge coincides with a recovery in fintech funding, following a significant drop in investment over the past two years. The first quarter of 2024 saw fintech firms raising substantial investment, with London-based companies Monzo and Flagstone securing major deals.

As the fintech sector evolves in 2024, there is an increasing demand for skills in AI, machine learning, data analytics, compliance, and risk management, driven by ongoing digital banking trends and cybersecurity challenges. Emerging technologies like blockchain and the internet of things are expected to further boost demand for specialised talent, positioning the fintech sector for continued growth and opportunities for diverse, remote talent.


How RGH Can Help

Our presence in key regions, including UK, APAC and EMEA positions us uniquely to support the growing demand for fintech talent.

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In light of the current surge in fintech recruitment, RGH is well-equipped to assist businesses in finding the right talent to navigate this dynamic market. Whether you are a company looking to fill critical roles, an investor seeking opportunities in a fast-growing sector, or a candidate aiming to advance your career, we can provide the expertise and support you need.

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