Resource Group Holdings PLC is a multi-sector, international, Resource and Recruitment Consultancy headquartered in London, UK with hubs across the globe including Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, India and the UAE.

We are an acquisitive Group building a collaborative network of like minded leaders, entrepreneurs, SME’s and talented individuals, working across all main sectors. Contact us if you want to find out more about becoming a partner, a client, an investor or are a candidate looking to advance your career.

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Our Locations

RGH has already established a network of collaborative Partners across the Globe.

Our Sectors

RGH covers a wide range of sectors through its extensive network of partners providing resources for SME’s through to major Institutions.

Our Stakeholders

RGH's mission is to work alongside and for our stakeholders, aligning our common objectives to deliver high quality, reward and value.


Our Approach

RGH is built on the Four Pillars. They are at the centre of every client engagement, team meeting or community programme.
Individually they are strong principles, but combined they create a DNA which is impossible to replicate and an approach which is agile, innovative and value-driven.


Capturing the passion and expertise of our partners to provide unrivalled service and commitment to clients, candidates and each other through open knowledge share.

Profit for Good

Constantly seeking to make our activities responsible, inclusive and sustainable, while being transparent and accountable, developing shared sustainable impact.


Arming our partners with the freedom to work when, where and in which markets they choose, with all-round support provided to achieve both our clients and business goals.


Sharing the value we create with our partners, striving to deliver tangible impact for our clients and consciously contributing value to social enterprise.

RGH-Global has grown with over 60 partners across the globe now including our APAC hub in Singapore, covering over 5 continents, and numerous sectors. Our networks set us apart. A global reach with local knowledge gives access to the best talent, expertise and insights to solve client problems quickly.