New Partners

The Power of Collaborative Networks and Value Creation

We are constantly adding to our collaborative network of new partners across all sectors globally. This includes companies and talent acquisition from the recruitment, human resource and Consultancy sectors.

We look for entrepreneurs and creative leaders who have proven track records but are frustrated with the glass ceiling imposed by their existing company or by the lack of growth capital available from traditional channels.

Our new partners and acquisitions operate independently where we enable an individual entrepreneur to create value as well as profit from their growth in a truly collaborative environment.

The collaborative network inside and outside your sector, combined with the Resource Group Holdings Plc RGH brand, helps to propel your business or new division in rgh, to much higher levels.

We are looking for “engines” who can deliver between £200k and £10m net revenue per year. We have a strong acquisition pipeline, with more new partners joining every month. If you are ambitious and independent and want to share our value creation and exit over the next three to five years, then send us your last few years accounts, current year actual/forecast including year end total, and your plans and forecasts for the next two full years. We will then arrange a call with Conrad and/or Justin to show you what your future looks like with us sharing our value creation with you and your success.

NEX Exchange Corporate Adviser

Alfred Henry Corporate Finance Limited


5-7 Cranwood Street

London EC1V 9EE

Legal Advisers to the Company

BPE Solicitors LLP

St James’ House

St James Square


GL50 3PR

Reporting Accountant to the Company

Jeffreys Henry LLP


5-7 Cranwood Street

London EC1V 9EE

Auditor of the Company

Jeffreys Henry LLP


5-7 Cranwood Street

London EC1V 9EE

(members of Institute of Chartered 

Accountants England & Wales)


Avenir Registrars Limited

5 St John’s Lane




The Company was incorporated in the United Kingdom as a public limited company on 27 April 2016 with registered number 10150044

The Company was established to build a group of aligned but independently managed Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (“SME”) recruitment companies. This includes companies and agencies in recruitment, human resources and training. The directors plan for the Company and its subsidiaries to grow globally through strategic, tactical, asset and people acquisition, enabling continued growth for ambitious entrepreneurial owners and their teams.


The Company has not issued any instruments that are convertible into, or that confer a right to subscribe for, securities.

Please see Regulatory Announcements and Investor News at the foot of this page,

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