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The Future of Work

Date Posted: 12 October, 2021

Across all industries, the main priority during the pandemic has been health and safety. This has been achieved with a variety of strategies, mostly involving remote working and government support. But now we are emerging into a new post-Covid era where business is not exactly returning to normal but evolving into a ‘new norm’.


The future of work is starting to become clearer, with many of the coping strategies employed during the height of the pandemic here to stay.


Post-Covid Recruitment Strategies


Recruitment agencies have a crucial role to play across the new business landscape. As the world begins strategising the recovery from the pandemic, there is going to be some turmoil, with many workers looking to change roles, as well as many new roles opening-up that require highly skilled workers.


Recruitment agencies will be helping to bring all this together to accelerate the recovery. They will need to ensure their organisations are ready for the challenge and prepared to thrive.


This will require a multi-pronged strategy involving reflection, a commitment to well-being, and a repurposing of the workforce to maximise their potential. We have to reflect on what has been working and what hasn’t during the pandemic. We have to be prepared for new waves and new restrictions, so that if and when they come, they do not have the same negative impact that they did before.


There also needs to be a commitment to mental health and well-being, an issue which has been brought to the forefront of the working world during the difficult times over this last year and a half.


Repurposing the workforce means maximising the potential of employees’ skills and capabilities, as businesses all over the country seek to hire new talent.


Forecasting Work Trends


The trend for remote working, e-commerce and automation were gathering pace before the pandemic. Covid-19 massively accelerated these trends to the point where there is now something of a conflict between traditionalists who want to return to how things were, and those who want to maintain the remote – or at least hybrid – working model.


This is a significant issue that recruitment agencies are going to have to factor in when matching talent with roles. How much remote working opportunities a candidate requires must now be matched-up with companies who are inclined to allow or even encourage it.


But even with these new elements to factor in, the challenge for recruitment agencies of matching the right people with the right roles remains the same as it always was. We just have to be even better at it to accelerate a post-Covid recovery.


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