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How to attract and retain high quality recruitment staff

Date Posted: 6 December, 2021
How to attract and retain high quality recruitment staff


Across many industries, there’s an enormous productivity gap between high and average performers. In fact, for the most complex tasks within a given job role, the most talented employees could be as much as 800% more productive.

In recruitment, finding the best talent is absolutely critical. But attracting it and then keeping it can be challenging, especially in a highly competitive jobs market where skilled candidates are in short supply.

Research by McKinsey has found that over 80% of companies are concerned that they aren’t recruiting high quality talent, while a further 7% are worrying about retaining the talent they do have.

If you’re shaping your recruitment strategy for 2021, here are a few key pointers for attraction and retention you might want to start thinking about right now…


Make your EVP irresistible

A well-written, attractive job description is great to have, but it’s nothing without a magnetic employee value proposition (EVP). At its heart, this is an unspoken contract – what the employee gets in return for what they give.

You need to get the balance just right, to make your EVP too persuasive to overlook. Think about what tangible rewards you can offer, from a stunning benefits package through to training and development opportunities.


Look for the right core skills

It’s only natural that you’ll be looking for certain qualifications and experience in the candidates you interview. But you also need to know how to spot a high performer when they cross your path.

The most talented recruiters share similar qualities, which are often undervalued as ‘soft’ skills. These skills include problem solving, communication, creativity and confidence in one’s own abilities.

If a candidate already has the whole package, they could be a real asset to your company – everything else can be taught.


Sell your company culture

Not every candidate is motivated purely by money. And even for those that are salary-driven, company culture will often be a factor in their decision to switch roles.

If you’re finding it tough to find the people you need at a competitive salary offer you can afford, it’s time to pivot your talent attraction strategy.

Focus on developing and communicating a strong culture, giving potential hires a snapshot of how great it’d be to work for you. Your existing employees can be your most persuasive cheerleaders for your ethos and values, so put them (and their recruitment skills) to good use on live campaigns.

You can also consider creating a referral incentive scheme to encourage staff to recommend your agency to prospective candidates within their networks. This can reduce recruitment costs, widen your reach and galvanise your team to sing your praises.



Now for a quick look at retention. Many of the key elements of your talent attraction strategy will also help you with retention, but there’s more you could be doing.

Ultimately, you need to give your best people an iron-clad reason to stay – and not give them a reason to leave. Figure out what motivates each individual, whether it’s salary or career progression opportunities.

And once you have amazing talent on board, put them to good use. Don’t turn talented recruiters into candidate cold-calling machines. Instead, give them autonomy, variety and strategic work to challenge them, and always aim to support rather than micromanage.


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